Water Saving Machine
(Adiabatic Closed Loop System)


Since its inception in 1984, CCPL-India has become an industry leader in marketing, engineering and manufacturing of quality heat transfer technology and systems in India. Practicing open innovation, we provide technology, expertise, best practices, and ingenious solutions to our clients and partners in the developing/developed countries.

Our experience of 45+ years has enabled us to provide advanced heat transfer technology that is industry focused, energy efficient, and has the lowest environmental impact in the industry. We ensure a managed, first-class service experience for customers & exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering the highest quality technical systems and supporting them with process solutions.

CCPL still remains on number one position, since it delivered India’s first Adiabatic Cooler


Principle of Working

Coil Company Private Limited Adiabatic System is an air-cooled heat exchanger, which rejects heat from a process cooling medium to the surrounding atmosphere by means of either dry cooling i.e. convective heat transfer or wet cooling i.e. a double convection cycle between water and air in which water acts as the cooling medium for wetting the air and the cool air in turn cooling the hot process water. The operating mode is dependent mainly upon the heat load and ambient conditions.

The process cooling medium generally water or a water – glycol mixture, flows inside the horizontal tubes of finned tube heat exchanger bundles arranged in a V- shape or Vertical configuration. Each cooler has a design ambient threshold temperature (typically 45 – 50 °C Dry Bulb Temperatures and 28.5 – 30 °C Wet Bulb Temperature) where the switch over occurs from dry mode to wet mode when the ambient temperatures rise above threshold and wet to dry mode when temperatures drop below it. The working of an adiabatic system to achieve temperature up to 33°C in peak summer load depends upon the wet bulb Temperature of the air.

Advantages - WSM ECO COOL KIT

This pad have high cooling performance

It will increase efficiency of cooling tower

UV protected pads

Lower maintenance cost

Long life

Maximum utilization of surface area

Increase life of coils

No legionella concerns