CL Group has long journey of almost 50 years and has been growing-strong to stronger and from small to bigger. ICL has strong foundation based on strong Willpower, Spirit of Entrepreneurship with basic Fundamental-principles as :- Honesty – Sincerity – Dedication – Commitment.

During 1965 as mentioned in founder’s write-up the first company name and subsequent addition / alteration are as under :-

•1965 – Universal Refrigeration Industry
•1971 – Uniaire Pvt. Ltd
•1985 – Coil Company Pvt. Ltd (Indo-American Joint Venture)
•2001 – International Coil Ltd

1965 to 2000: First 35 years were focused on engineering, development and manufacturing of Air-conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat-transfer equipments. During 1985 first-time in India installed the most modern coil manufacturing plant. New equipments were designed, developed and manufactured with most-advanced computer-programs.

Air-Cooled Fluid Coolers (ACFC) is one of the products which brought revolution in India to replace age-old technology of cooling towers. ACFC not only saves 100 % water but also has negligible maintenance and keeps the environment clean as green energy product.

•Today ICL is pioneer and leader in ACFC technologies and exports to many countries. More than 15,000 MW (ACFC) Air-cooled Cooling-systems are in operation which saves millions of cu. mt. water.

•Recently ICL executed a very large project of ACFC to save water of a lake in Rajasthan (India) and replaced cooling towers which were in operation more than two decades.

High-tech Ammonia / Brine Air Cooling Units (ACU) for Cold Storage, Freezing plant applications are equipment and have matchless technology. These ACU’s are being used for rooms from +5 to -40 deg. C temperature applications. It was introduced during early 90’s and now more than 20,000 ACU’s in operation in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan etc.

•Refrigeration air cooling units brought another revolution in cold storages & freezing industry of India and its adjoining countries.

•During late 90’s ICL-Bitzer (Germany) planned to develop ammonia screw compressors. At present it most reliable and trouble-free machine being used by refrigeration industry.

2001 – Onward: ICL being pioneer of technologies of Heat-transfer, AC&R and Energy-sector started executing turnkey projects.

•ICL during 2003 signed exclusive distributor agreement with BROAD (China) to market, install Absorption Chillers in India. Till now more than 150,000 TR absorption chillers have been supplied and installed.

•DLF Cyber City (Gurgaon) is one of the most prestigious project in India of 42,000 TR capacity Air-conditioning (chilled-water) being produced from waste-heat (exhaust) of 100 MW gas-turbines and gas-engine gensets.

During the past 12 years ICL has established good associates many parts of the world (Germany – USA – Canada – U.K – China – UAE – Kuwait – South Africa – Saudi Arabia – Philippines – Indonesia – Australia – Russia) and many more in the pipeline.

ICL in 2009 established its corporate office at DLF Cyber City Gurgaon, having (22,000 sq. ft) floor area. ICL is fully capable to handle all its EPC (Engineering Procurement Contracts) of CCHP – TIAC – ACFC – ACC – Refrigeration – in India as well as anywhere in the world.